Thursday, May 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- LOVEPEDAL CUSTOM EFFECTS Purple Plexi ...a serious contender

$220.00 USD

This one has been around for awhile. It ain't broke so
Lovepedal are not going to fix it.
Just the standard level, tone and gain. This works OK if
the maker has nailed the voice on it. They have done
well but I have a few as good and this is not unique.

There are lots of other great choices. 
BUT.. give it a listen this is still a contender.

No shame in choosing this. It is fat full and rich. Even flat out 
there isn't any nasty fizz or nasty overtones. The only down side I like a bit of grit in the lows and a bit of punch. 

But one pedal can't do it all. I would not have 18 plus of the little beauties. Yes ...I got to edit some more out and send them to Reverbland! LOL

Not bad but you really have to compare to the DHDK No. 1 which I feel has more definition and definitely more punch!

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