Friday, May 11, 2018

OVERDRIVE- MR BLACK BB-74x ...a classic 1966 Marshall sound NAILED!!!

    MR BLACK BB-74x    

$ 140.00 USD

In 1966 Marshall brought out the 1974X 18 watt combo with a single 12" Celestion 1221T speaker.
Pushed hard it is one of the sweetest and fullest distortions ever
to come straight from the amp alone. In the studio ...nothing is easier to record and get a great sound.
Mr. Black never does the obvious but picks oddball amps and renditions.
But Mr, Black always does an excellent job of nailing the sound.

I have their JDS-50 which captures Angus Young's Plexi that he runs with all the knobs on 4 which is borderline crunch. It is a clean sound much more then a dirt sound. Other Plexi's give you full crunch and beyond but not  this clean dirt type sound. I have one. It is great for any busy chord work you can strum on it
like an acoustic and never get a trace of mud or mush.

So again I am pleasantly surprised by the BB-74x
a great medium gain OD that will shine behind a vocalist.
Mr. Blacks pedals are incredible for the sound standing out
but never overwhelming a singer.
I have said it many times before. At the gig most of the time you are playing
an accomniment part for a singer. Nothing is more important then having a
great sound that you can enjoy playing all night.
Just backing off that cool OD you already own
does not cut it! Your present OD is great but only when
your guitar is front and center.
In the real world a pedal like this is heaven sent.
Another winner!!!

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