Saturday, May 12, 2018

OVERDRIVE-TC ELECTRONIC MOJO MOJO OD...from blah to aaah? or not?


$50.00 USD

Straight off when this came out I heard it and did not think
it was good enough to review. It was of course at that time selling
for an average pro price and there are hundreds of choices.
In a word 'character' it had none!
I still think it doesn't. But the price has been dropped to
$50.00 USD. At this price it becomes a different pedal???
Well no ....but!!
It plus points is it is versatile you can get low gain sounds up to
medium gain sounds. It is very transparent and the harmonics are as smooth as glass.
What I think it does best is in its low gain stages.
Not surprising with TC the bass and treble are excellent with both a cut and boost. The drive/gain is quite variable and is useful over it's entire range.
If you need to take the metallic edge off a clean sound and smooth over the odd buzzes and clicks it is quite good. It will sweeten and fill out the sound in a very pleasant way.
So it is worth a listen.

Check out it's high gain brother the DARK MATTER... although it has much the same faults but the higher gain I find pushes it a couple of notches.

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