Sunday, May 20, 2018

OVERDRIVE- OKKO Diablo Dual OD ....still going strong for 15 years ...and this new version takes yet another leap foward!


Yes 15 years but many versions later is the new dual. The unit is primary a very transparent low gain drive that can be pushed into a medium drive.
A great attention has been put into it being very dynamically sensitive. There is also a lot of control over it's headroom and dynamic range. You can even change it's voltage so this headroom is real!
The transient response is very impressive. The Dual will  leave the sound of your guitar and amp almost untouched.
It's most important new feature is much more control over the lows and a mid range that can be tuned to match your amp. In effect it gives your guitar and amp a sense of being nearly alive just from your touch.
All this is done so well that only the guy playing it knows
what is happening. It is near invisible to the listener. There is not a sense of some drastic change in tone. It is often used as an always on pedal as if it were part of the amps preamp.

This new version has not yet been reviewed. There isn't even an in house demo???
But the GH Diablo gives you a good idea of what to expect.

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