Sunday, February 18, 2018

OVERDRIVE- T-REX Nitro Hypergain Distortion ...just another OD ...maybe not!


$180.00 USD

A high gain distortion. It has the usual gain and level. It started life
as an 80's Marshall with a mild scoop but can do a lot more.

Because of it's 3 way EQ the mids are nicely voiced with a great tone and yet make it easy to punch through the band.

It goes from a blistering crunch for tight and chunky chord work to a flat out modern quarter note chugging groove.

At present there are more genres and sub genre's of Metal styles then there are bands to play them. In all fairness this is not a bad sounding OD. With so many good ones available in just a few years we are all looking for better... But this like many could be perfect for both your style and natural way that you play and express your music. Is this the OD is the one that works for 'you'?

On one hand many sound similar but they all sound and respond
different enough that I have 14 of them. The right one is magic!
It will not be technically the best or even the most expensive.

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