Sunday, February 25, 2018

FENDER...In the near future the only MIA guitars you can get will be from the Custom Shop !!!

The hottest pro guitars at the moment all come from SHUR.
They are really just Fender Custom Shop type guitars with prices a little cheaper because they are produced mostly in limited choices in medium size quantities,

Fender will do the same. The $1200.00 to $2000,00 type models will move to Mexico.

The 2018 Custom Shop Models can give you some idea of where they will get the ideas for new models. A few that seem to sell well as Custom Shop Models will be sold as Custom Shop Standard models. First as limited editions. The limited editions that sell out fast will become standard models.

This will keep up the high profile of the company but allow the company to downsize substantially.

The really big bucks profit comes from  the Squier models. The Mexican models still make a good profit. The USA as it stands now do squat!

Already some serious quality Squier models are being made. These will take over when the MIM are only making the MIA. The price on the MIM will all go up. So will the quality.
The average Mexican  worker at Fender Mexico is a guitar player. They are making guitars that are 90% of the quality but are given 50% of the time to do the handmade part of the work. In short the standard of workmanship in Mexico is second to none!!! They blow away the US workers who are given twice the time but are not players so they miss details that a player would notice the minute they picked it up! Roughness on the neck that needs a bit more hand sanding and small misalignment's etc.
Easy to fix if the guitar is caught in time.

Will this happen???? YES!!!
WHEN...a guess is in 4 to 10 years tops!!!

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