Sunday, February 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- Joe Gore Pedals Cult Overdrive...a beefed up Rangemaster/light Fuzz...Tony Iommi sound

$199.00 USD
The idea was to beef up the classic Rangemaster Treble booster 
which was an upper mids thru high end booster pushed by a single geranium transistor early Fuzz.
The first serious Fuzz was the Tone Bender. It was based off of the Maestro Fuzz Tone which had very little sustain. The Tone Bender
was a big improvement.

This arrangement captures an early Sabbath sound. Because amps at the time especially the PLEXI had a heavy low end and lower mid sound and very little gain.

The Cult pedal was carefully voiced to nail the two pedals it is based off with a bit of  modern
Hence it was thought only a gain control is needed.

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