Saturday, February 10, 2018



$160.00 USD
I have done Lunastone's True OD 1 and 2. The Danish company seems to specialize in OD's.
They all have a distinct Lunastone sound stamped into the pedals. Often their pedals have 2 models that are really the same but one is voiced to be a bit more aggressive or voiced with a heaver bottom end. In short on one hand it becomes too much of 'more of the same' but if you like the company's overall sound it can be argued that they are like a car manufacturer giving you
the same car but with options you prefer.

The Distortion 1 is so new the paints wet so there are only a couple of videos.
The Distortion 1 is in my mind straight to the point. A B size pedal with their take on a classic Plexi.
I quite like the unruly low end with a gasping kind of 4x12 stack type sound pumping out a low end with a sound like the speakers might blow. LOL
The controls are as simple as it gets so a few tweaks and you are done.
They have zeroed in on the classic sound and added a bit guts to the whole sound. Hard not to like but there is no novel take on what is indeed a classic sound. It is a case of 'If it's not broke!!!
Don't fix it!!!
It is priced in the low end of the 'around $200.00' popular price of most of the better pedals. Not very many pedals under $150.00 are impressive. At $225.00 though things can often get very enticing.
Well worth checking out what a little more can offer,
Still the pedal sounds good. A lot of guys just want a quick tweak and then on with the show.
I for one often took a couple of weeks tweaking on some pedals and ending up with something not much different from this. LOL

On the other hand the PedalpalFX PAL 959 is in the same price range  ...and does this or anything else beat it???

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