Saturday, February 3, 2018



Pettyjohn's newest ...the Gold Pedal is a  straight  ahead take on a Brit pedal. But which one? Not a Plexi for sure it doesn't have a serious low end.
It is not a bad sounding pedal but it sounds more like an American amp then a Brit ...unless you are thinking of the JTM 45 which is a modified Fender Bassman.

I thought it worth a listen as these pedals are very well made with quality parts and a reasonable price.

But there are lot of great choices out there once you call your pedal a
At $250.00 USD it is competitive.


With the Custom Tones ETHOS TWE-1 entering the picture I find this pedal tame without any convincing dynamics ...and very little versatility.

I hate to slam you over the head with the TWE-1 ...but if you have not read the post and heard a vid I think you should compare the two.

At $225.00 USD it is in the same ballpark.

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