Sunday, February 11, 2018

MODELER- FRATAL AUDIO SYSTEMS AX8 Amp say there is better is to lint pick

FRATAL AUDIO SYSTEMS AX8 Amp Modeler/Multi FX Processor

This is the first Modeler to achieve high end sonic capability at an entry pro price.
Modeling has come a long way. On a recording it is seamless. Keep in mind that the average listener hears there music at MP3 quality. Sonicially the only difference between this and an antique cassette deck is it does not have tape hiss. LOL
I swear ..this is neither a joke or an exaggeration. The MP3 technology was invented to send large chunks of verbal data quickly. It was meant for University lectures, business meetings etc.
Actually it does sound good even on Blue Ray BUT... it doe not even border on the dynamics of a tube amp.
$1100.00 USD
In this day of free music and live concerts being quite profitable. All levels of recording are looking for digital ways to do everything. The cost is relatively low and the results are stellar.

When it comes to coloring sound... reverb, delay, modulation etc. digital is realistically the way to go.
But to actually create a sound analog dirt pedals and tube amps it is arguable better to stay analog.

One day Modeling will have hundreds of times more power and speed and then analog will cease to be manufactured in any form for the consumer musician.

I think you will see a few very,very serious Modeler amps and Preamps ...that have a quality second to none.  The sounds will be downloaded so you have a lot of choice ...BUT they will only store one or 2 amps in them.

I also think it probable to have a standardized modeler stomp box that talks to other stomp boxes much like MIDI. These boxes will clip together and can be run from a common power supply.
This standard will eliminate cords and switching systems any analog signal problems.

Midi solved endless problems for Keyboards. The time for the guitar has come.

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