Saturday, February 24, 2018

OVERDRIVE- GREER AMPS Lightspeed Organic Overdrive ...big in Nashville ??? but nothing "Country" about it!!


With Greer's Nashville reputation ...there location in Georgia and even the "Ol' Timey" ...script on the pedal have made me ignored this box for a long time.
Bad idea!! Even stupid on my part. The Boost sound in this alone can turn a relatively lame amp into a power house!!!
( go from 8:55 to 10:00 on the video and prepare to be very impressed)

An incredibly versatile pedal. On a really low setting you get a huge clean sound that if you hit hard gives you a really nice light crunch.
Not to much.. but not like every other pedal I have tried it does not
fragment but stays even across the edge of your signal. If all it did was this it would be the very best light gain I have ever heard!
When you hear the first video imagine how it would sound if the guy were to do a Stevie Ray Vaughn tune with that sound. Yes ...damn impressive clean crunch tone.

Now from there you can move it into a really aggressive mid gain pedal. All the notes stay separated so you can get a bit intricate with arpeggios or finger style playing. In spite of this even in this mode the pedal has balz plus big time. Then with this same setting go into a really rocking rhythmic groove and it adds more punch then your drummer.

Finally high gain is not it's forte but you would not look or sound foolish using it for one. Yes if you need some serious high gain it can still cover the bases. (go to  10:25 on the video)

This pedal has been a fave in Nashville territory forever so there are a bounty of video's on You Tube. But Rabea Massaad's take from both an English and a Metal player is refreshing. His objectivity
gives those that might think "Country Music" and their ears would be flying north. LOL

In short it shows you what this pedal can do ...and just how well it can do it!!!

Greer should find some small mod it can do to it. Paint it a bright plain and shiny red. Put on some modern graphics. Name it LIGHT SPEED PLUS... and they would find a whole new international rock audience snapping them up! Rock Strat players would be lined up!!!

A big thanks to Andrew Hayward for putting me on to this dead cool OD.

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