Wednesday, February 7, 2018

GUITAR MODELER SIM1 Xt-1 ...impressive ...but will it transfer your expression???


Modeled guitars are not new. What is new is a box that you can plug in any guitar
and without any latency, digital hash or an unconvincing  sound get a selection of 12 guitars including both the Gibson and Fender favorite electrics and Martin and Gibson acoustics.

Once you plug your guitar in you play a prescribed scale on each string. This allows the pedal to both track and compensate for the voice of the guitar you are playing to give you a seamless performance and an authentic sound of the modeled guitar chosen.

There will be more voices in the future to download via your smart phone.

Cool idea and it may sound convincing but will it transfer your playing technique so that you feel you are playing these guitars not just 'triggering' notes.

The acoustic thing could be good because of all the impractical and major hassle of using the real deal.
I have my doubts about the electrics. Can you put them thru your dirt boxes without any problems. The short demo using a ts was crap.
This is perhaps one pedal that I need to actually play before coming to any conclusion.

So I will be back when I have a price and some more info.

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