Saturday, August 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- RYNA 808 ...a Tube Screamer with a self contained voice ...a 'pedal' guys dream ts!!

 RYNA 808 OD 
Ryna make hand wired clones. The original Tube Screamer was NOT handwired though Ibanez do make a handwired model for a cool
$380.00 USD ouch!!!

What about the Ryna?
The damn thing just sounds good  ...really good.
It is just an excellent sounding pedal.

The price is damn reasonable for what you get!!!

I put up this video to show it off because I happen to
turn it on ...on a whim ...and it's understatement blew me away!

The unusual thing about it is it gives your clean sound some warmth,  sustain and little bit of punch.  This is with your amp set clean and your pedals set to unity gain. It acts like a preamp or channel OD.
In short it's whole sound is self contained. Damn impressive!!!
The classic way to use a Tube Screamer is to leave your amp set to crunch and use the the pedal to push it into high gain. So the tone of a ts usually does not stand on it's own.

For a 'Everything from the pedals' setup ...this pedal is pure heaven!!!

The demo shows it working both ways.
I love it going thru the Fender amp with the gain at 11 o'clock & the tone at 12 o'clock.
With most low gain pedals the sound would just fall apart with the gain below 12 o'clock.

More is less. In short this pedal is an excellent low gain OD.
A standard ts is more of a dirty sounding boost pedal!

The RYNA 808 is in a very small elite group of transparent drives without fizz or fuzz or harmonic dropouts.
Most players end up with low gain pedals with really annoying artifacts which they live with or override by pushing them into medium gain territory. Seldom do you not find the gain at 1 o'clock or higher.

This is going on my short list!!!

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