Saturday, August 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- 1981 INVENTIONS DRV interesting OD by another weird company

$250.00 USD

The DRV is a bit of a weird pedal that started life as Rat
 knockoff and just kept becoming more sophisticated.
It has a really nice biting attack but the remainder of
the sound is steely but as clear as glass. If pushed it starts snarl and growl.

Check the Rat similarity. The Rat is harsher. The Rat is famous for it's fat sound. For all the polish of the DRV it
keeps that nice fat sound. It is harmoicialy richer by quite a lot. That is no easy thing. It is far more tube like.
It is a classy looking pedal.

The 1981 Inventions site has this pedal and a T shirt.
The pedals on sale at the moment are already v.2.

So Circle of Tone and 1981 Inventions both surface today. Both have a single OD on there site.Both are off to good start with each offering us a pretty decent sounding OD.

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