Sunday, August 12, 2018

OVERDRIVE-- CHANDLER Little Devil Color Boost ...versatile problem solver


Boost or OD? Well it does a lot more then a boost.
The voice is again Chandlers germanium based tech.

The boost is switchable between highs, mids or full.
You can leave it in its aggressive raw form that is bright or brighter or  alternatively sweeten it up with the smooth position all from the second switch. The bias
covers a lot of territory. From a low gain ts like lightness to a full on near Brit sound.
I find the clean OD refreshingly crisp and clear and a  welcome change over the overused ts sound.

As a one size fits all isn't. But used to fill holes in your dirt sound by stacking it with other pedals to brighten up a dull sound ...or to fatten up a thin one or for any classic boost sound you may need it could be a real saviour. I feel it is at it's best at a stand alone pedal for semi clean sounds at that it is  flat out impressive.

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