Saturday, August 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- Horizon Devices Apex Preamp... an Apex even I like ...


$320.00 USD

I hated the original Horizon!!! The Precision Drive.
It was over hyped and sounded Reedy and thin.

It could only be seriously used going thru a very expensive gourmet amp set to a healthy crunch.
It had zero versatility. It was more of a specialized equalizer booster then a a true OD.
The preamp is so complete you can even record direct from the pedal and get 'that' modern classic Djent tone!!!

I like this pedal and feel it is a legitimate choice. BUT I do not love it.
I would not buy it for myself but if you do. ..."I get it."
Right now if you put down a cool $300.00 USD you can get on the preorder list.

This pedal is what it is and does what it does. Nothing does it better. It is 1000% function but in my book has no tone.
Am I the only one who thinks that?
Watch the Horizon vid then the REVV vid.
Am I right???
I am not so old school that I do not like to 'sometimes' add a true modern dirt sound to my tunes. The Revv has that nailed!!!  In fact I will most likely get one eventually to replace my ECC Destruction Drive. I think the damn thing does the impossible. A no excuses Modern Metal sound but ...WITH TONE!!
The $229.00 USD price is damn nice too.


Best Distortion Pedal Ever not my heading for the video!!! It is the title of the video!
...the enthusiasm is REAL... The Horizon has a nice polite "thanks for the bucks" I reviewed your pedal tone to it!

The REVV put thru even your bedroom practice amp is going to sound great.
Enough said!

Oh my ...will the letters poor in!!
What's your take on it???

OK... Check out....HORIZON DEVICES Apex Preamp [Part 2]

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