Friday, August 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- HUDSON ELECTRONICS SIDECAR ....can you turn a Tube Screamer from modest OD into the Godzilla of dirt boxes? Apparently you can!


$200.00 USD

Take a Tube Screamer 808 add Baxandall EQ
the kind you find in very high end mixing
consoles then adding a germanium diode to warm up the sound and you have 'a pedal'.

With a killer low end and oceans of headroom
this is one serious pedal.

The resemblance to an 808 ts is non existent!

So what do I think???
...thick balzy and aggressive beautifully made
but ...not exactly dripping with a nice rich tone...nor does it roll you over like a tank
the way the best Metal pedals do???

Check out the Wilson Sparkling Blue ...and see what I mean...
balzy aggressive and some rich tone
$50.00 USD cheaper too!

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