Sunday, August 12, 2018

FUZZ- DAYTRONYX Big Fuzz ...another Big Muff we need one? ...well maybe this one!!!


$160.00 USD
My first serious pedal was the Rams Head Big Muff. It did well substituting as an OD in those days. It was 'it'. A lot of amazing tunes were written and recorded with that pedal.

I find the Big Fuzz has all the best features of that sound PLUS it is fatter and has lot more sustain. The mid boost knob is welcome site.
I do not however find it very aggressive.

That was surprising as the Fuzz pedals of late tend to be nothing but.
In short many are almost unusable except for sound FX or bass lines suggesting a plodding T. Rex stomping thru your local mall wearing gigantic military tactical boots
and crushing small children and puppies on it's jaunt. lol

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