Sunday, April 29, 2018

OVERDRIVE- ONE CONTROL ...Baby Blue OD/FUZZ ...genius or junk???

$225.00 USD

Based off of the BJFe FUZZ 1 from 2000. A combination
of a dynamic OD and a Fuzz circuit.It uses hand picked components.
it is designed by Bjorn Juhl and he hand makes every pedal.

It has a wide range and many of the best tones can often be
from 9 to 12 o'clock on the drive knob.

One Drive's many many mini pedals can be found on Reverb
the latest pedals seem to take ages to show up.
Distributing seems to be lacking. The US does not have a distributor they deal with a company in Canada. Japan seems to have all the pedals but they do not cater online in English.
It is not clear but it looks as though One control is Japanese.
The designers are world wide and the manufacturing is ?

The ONE CONTROL product is hot and cold... some are quite interesting while other pedals are neither very good or over priced. Using One control sounds very clever but for the most part it is a joke.
In fact the whole line and its fans seem to be dripping with pretension. I just do not get it.
The Baby Blue is neither in my opinion comparatively great nor do I find it to have a novel quirkiness to fascinate me.

In short I find it a modest medium gain pedal. Not very exciting but  at lower volumes perhaps its boasted dynamics could be useful.

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