Sunday, April 8, 2018

OVERDRIVE-ALEK K PRODUCTIONS Maple Leaf Royal Dr....Fusion tone PLUS!

$279.00 USD
It is no secret I am a big fan of of the Aleks K product. First
the fact that the build quality and the parts are all state of the art
gives them a 9 out of 10 without even hearing the pedal. No it is not a figure of speech. Name a product that you think is a 10 out of
10 for build and quality and buy an Aleks K and you will in a minute have to give them an 11 or create a new yard stick.
A feature of all there pedals is to use two gain stages and give you a knob for both. This is an idea all pedals should have.

OK this is a new sound for them. To simplify or even over simplify this pedal has a Fusion sound. jazz Rock,rock Jazz call it what you like. Will Dumble tone do?
The difference with their pedals as you start with a great voice in the pedal and can take it into any sub category of 'that type of sound' you want.

Just do not do what I have done with their pedals.
Buy what's HOT that 'everyone' is buying. Then I keep the HOTpedal and and buy the Aleks K.
I use the Aleks K. then within a couple weeks I find I wasted my money on the "HOT' pedal. Yes I find  I now own a redundant "HOT" pedal.
I reluctantly sell the 'hot pedal' at a loss.
Worst of all I deserve it by being one of the "SHEEP"!!!
Save yourself the grief just get an Aleks K!!!

When you buy your AleksK you will find yourself with the pedal sitting in your hand staring at it amazement because the quality of the pedal's casing in flawless. You would normally give a new pedal a once over look and head at great haste to your amp. Don't feel stupid. All new owners do this ...the exceptions being those who refuse to admit it. LOL

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