Sunday, April 29, 2018

OVERDRIVE-OKKO FX King Crunch vintage style bluesy OD


Okko from Germany are famous for their dirt boxes they have made some of the first Metal OD ever made.
This pedal lives up to it's name. Very American sounding
very much like old Gibson, Fender and especially Velco products.

A simple layout of bass and treble with the standard drive and level controls.
Dead easy to tweek as there is no perfect sweet spot. The pedal sounds good no mater where you set it.

It sounds great on a Strat. It has plenty of balz and keeps the Strat
chime in tact. No doubt a Tele or soap bars would sound as good.

Nothing to dislike. It really does sound amp like. I haven't heard better in a medium gain blues soundMost rock styes would find this pedal excellent. Not many bands these days do not need a bit of crunch here and there and this one as the name says is King!                                                                                                                                                   

I can not get this pedal out of my mind. There is not a tune in the world that needs a great medium drive pedal that this can not be tweaked to work. Yes on 3 different tunes I have 3 different pedals that I may prefer. BUT ...none of them would work on all 3 tunes.    THIS WOULD!!!
I just bought a PLEXI and I have a PRS coming in a week. When I get over the the $hock... I am sure to give this pedal another look!

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