Saturday, April 28, 2018

OVERDRIVE- CMATMODS Signa OD new OD in ages ...impressive! ...exceptional!

$135.00 USD


The tone is more of a Fender Bassman or even it's sister a Marshall JTM 45. But not a Plexi ...the upper mids are too sweet for that.
Oddy enough it really reminds me of a late 50's Kay Model 703 with a 25L6 power tube ...affectionately known as the 'Widow Maker' Though the name rightfully belongs to the Model 503.

Some reviewers are convinced it is a Tube Screamer on steroids.
the ts used a JRC4558 chip as the nucleus for its sound but now there are 11 other chips used as well When is ts a ts?

It does have a transparency like a ts and it lets the sound of your guitar thru. I also noticed it does not override the sound of your amp. If you have a great guitar and amp it is a bonus. A lot of us
are better off with a great Plexi. A good Plexi pedal can be 'all' the sound. In short an average guitar or amp is enough as the Plexi sound is front and center.
But this does things no other ts can do.
It chops like an axe. It is aggressive plus some. In spite
of that it is not harsh.
It is very impressive!!!

It has the standard arrangement with gain level and tone.
The switch gives you a choice of different clipping and gain
structures. This lets you back it off and sweeten the mids
...or push it hard enough to rip your face off! LOL
It is very close to being  a low, medium and high gain pedal.
All three of it's sounds are uncompromised and as usable as 3 separate pedals.
I can easily see using the different voices on completely different sounding tunes,

Designed and built by Chad Mathews. He is proud of this one!
He should be too.
The pedal has magic in the voicing that only an artist can give you.
This is not 'just' a great tool by a skilled technician.
The big boys could never make this pedal. They design by committee.
If this pedal became the next Analog Man 'King of Tone' phenomenon
It would not surprise me.

All CMATMODS pedals are robust with pro parts.
They also blow away a lot of pedals that are a hundred
or more of your hard earnt cash. I said impressive ...and so is the price!!!

                 ...So it's just a week later and during the week I became the proud owner of a Plexi and a PRS ! I intended to give this a pass for a month or so!
Not possible! This pedal is in a class of it's own! I just ordered it!!!

A lot of good OD's have been popping up lately but nothing special.
This box is a breath of fresh air!
I just shot off an E thanking Chad M.
We have to support the smaller guys or we will get
nothing but the same old tired crap from the big guys!!!

This pedal is a keeper! You won't get tired of it.
It is just that kind of pedal!

Well fate must love me with 7 guitars including a 59 LP special reissue and a Fender Strat Custom Shop ....

a  new old stock 2017 PRS SE 245 ....LP wanna-be showed up yesterday. 
If you want a 2018 Les Paul Traditional ($2700.00 USD at Sweetwater ) and ya got no bucks ...then PRS at $560.00 USD will do just fine. 
How fine? You would not want to bet your life could tell which is which in a blind fold test! Then throw in the fact that the PRS has a fit and finish easily as good!

So today the Signa showed up!
Plugged both into my Plexi!!!

So can a LP into a Plexi be improved on!!!


This one of those pedals that you are going to take for granted in a week  Why!
Because when you turn it on you will never say "great pedal but if only ....." :-)

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