Wednesday, April 4, 2018

GUITAR CABINET SIMULATOR- ADA GCS-5 ...If you use a combo ...this could be a game changer!!!


Those that have followed my escapades in finding such a box will
$200.00 USD
know this is not my first Post on such an animal.
Many of you are aware of the ease of getting a great recording by using pedals and and recording with amp simulator and speaker simulator boxes or software.

That has never been my first interest.

Lets face it ...99% of you use a combo amp. Often 30 to 50 watts with a single 12 inch speaker. The amount of players playing in a band using a Marshall type OD into that combo are in the thousands. Who hasn't been impressed by favourite recordings  of artists that are  playing a stack.
My point is a pedal that could turn your combo sound into a Marshall stack is invaluable.!!!
The sound makes you OD twice as fat and 10 times as exciting!!!

A/DA do 4 models ... GCS-2 and GCS-3 are the same
except 3 has a volume control for the headphone output and
a 30db pad for high outputs from your pedal board.
$120.00 USD
GCS-5 has the American/British switch and GCS-6 is a stereo version of 5.
They all have AD/A's Natural Resonance Responce' The natural
resonance of a speaker cabinent with a closed back is a big deal ...period.  The Marshall 1960 A with 4 x12 celestion speakers is the loudest and fattest. This is either neglected by the competition or poorly done!!

Oddly enough by moving the mic placement on 2
the Marshall type cab sounds fuller and more in your face then 5 The 5 does gives you a switch to choose a Brit sound to start
with? Tecnicially It is probably slightly more accuate to the actual sound of a Celestion as the GCS-2 is trying to give you
an Eminence/Celestion hybrid sound. The Vintage is quite simply the sound of an old Jensen in all of the models.
The Jensen has less highs and a chunky mid range.It sounds great with an open back cab especially when using the 10 inch
and a clean sound.
On the other hand I think AD/A did a truly Rock &Roll thing!
If it sounds good is good. They let you exaggerate the sound
on the GCS-2
Result? A fatter sounding pedal.
On the other hand unless we had a side by side comparison
who knows?

So ponder, ponder, ponder ...which should I get???

Well I decided that first I really want this to use live not to record. The GCS-2 does this as well as the the GCS-5 from what I can hear on-line. New it is the cheapest and since it was the first unit on offer the possibility of buying one for a good price used is possible.
So I bought one. I got it used for $84.00 USD as apposed to $200.00 new.

Be sure to return in 2 weeks for my 'Hands On'
The pedal is shipped and I should have it written up about here by ...Apr.14.
The cab simulators I have sounded passable on-line but not this good! So I have guarded but high hopes for this effort.
 the price of a SM57 this could be a good deal in many ways!

____________________________________HANDS ON

I have had the pedal now for about 5 minutes.
my first impression is F__KING WOW!!!

So let me take a breath and tell you the whole deal.
First when I took it out of the box and gave it a visual once over the first thing I noticed was the build quality.  It majorly exceeded my expectations. It is so solid and well made I quite simply do not know how they can sell so cheap!!!!
Next I plugged it in was dead quiet!

My pro equipment is in the city. My only amp is a very dirty old no-name brand made in China little practice amp. I found it in an underground garage covered in garbage.
The tone is brite, harsh and brittle.
So turned on an old OD I have been meaning to sell is at least voiced to give me a Marshall type sound.

I set up the ADA for there take on a Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab with V30 Celestion speakers.


It Sounded like a Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab with V30 Celestion speakers! 


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