Saturday, April 7, 2018

OVERDRIVE- ORANGE Getaway Driver OD. ...massive low end Plexi like pedal...huge sound


Orange release their pedals very slowly. They tend to go for the obvious but they love to exaggerate it past even usable.
You have to love their fun attitude.
Not only do they go for caricature in the sound and definitely  always in the graphics.
Who could not smile when looking at an Orange pedal.
The sound was meant to capture their amp sound which means massive dirt and if you want a clean sound the crunch will have suffice. LOL
They have a headphone out with a cab sound built in so you can use it for recording.
The thing has arguably more lows than any pedal out there.
The bite control is the tone control but it blends in some presence gradually as you move it up from it's massive lows.
It is at it's best on simple power chords. It is a medium gain pedal with lots of tone but not much sustain. It does the 9 volts in but internally turned to 12 to give you a lot of headroom.

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