Saturday, April 28, 2018

OVERDRIVE- 6 DEGREES FX Rodeo Drive...a big round ...very round ...fatter than fat sound!!!

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$225.00 USD
A completely hand wired point to point dirt pedal made by a small Canadian company that
have not so much a crew but a group of individual designer makers that only make what turns them on.
They have a league of fans that are for the most part hobbyist that buy their pedals regardless of genre. The result is many of their pedals may not fit a style you play in.
There are hours of very refined and exquisic hand work.
Cool but if the pedal doesn't sound great? If it does not fit the parameters of your style you
will be cutting the vid short and off to the next Post!
Fortunately it sounds good. Very good!!!
This is 'the' place everyone comes for OD's
and this is a winner!!!

The EQ looks simple and it as simple to use as it looks. But internally the circuit leaves in the highs and the upper harmonics in the sound no matter how much bass you want. Even though the sound has a giant ball of fat, fat harmonic content around it never gets muddy. A Strats bell like tone is left in tack even with a mass of tone surrounding it!
With this pedal you don't choose a great sound.
You just choose a tone in the range you like.
In short every bit of the gain sounds good!

How cool is that ?

Odd the Australian SKS Musiwewe Orange OD 
is a budget pedal and a poor man's version of this! 
Check it out!

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