Sunday, April 29, 2018

OVERDRIVE-EMMA ELECTRONIC RF-2 RezaFratZitz II ...smooth or growling Brit sound

 EMMA ELECTRONIC RF-2 ReezaFRATzitz OD/Distortion 

$180.00 USD

Not surprising a very nice box from Emma Electronic in Denmark.
It's all in the bias control that lets you control the harmonic
content to emulate a smooth sounding type A amp right up to a type B with that classic A/B beteen  in the middle. A brilliant idea and it works!
Pushed it has a very Marshall JCM 800 sound.

Otherwise your standard level and gain with hi & low EQ.

This is v.2 but it has been around for awhile hence the big box. Just as well because if it 'ain't' broke don't fix it!

This pedal issues some serious punch!!!

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