Saturday, April 14, 2018

OVERDRIVE- PROVIDENCE Stampede SOV-2 ... v.2 of a veteran pedal ...balzy, aggressive but transparent.


A Japanese company that has been around since '04. This is v.2 of the early monster v.1 pedal.
It is a very aggressive high gain pedal with a bit of low end OD thump.
It has more highs then you can use but you can cut either lows or highs and are left with punchy mids.
Ir can fatten up single coils and still let the pedals natural tone seep through.
It is quiet, balzy with loads of headroom.
It is not quite identifiable to a specific amp but overall it has an American vibe.

Providence has a long record of well made pedals that stand the test of time.                                                                

____$200.00 USD

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