Saturday, December 30, 2017

OVERDRIVE- SORCE AUDIO L. A. Lady OD ...a new spin on the obvious.

$150.00 USD

Source Audio have been around for a long time making
digital pedals in funny looking boxes. :-) This pedal is in the
recent trend to give you very high definition sound in a digital
OD with a reasonable price and with a mainstream sound.
There latest product for them is much more mainstream. This first effort gives you a Classic Brit sound with Classic, Crunch and smooth settings.
It only gets scary when you link it to a  computer and find you can create drastic changes in the EQ and download more voices. The unit holds 2 sounds that can be switch to or run together or one each out the the twin outputs.
It is similar to Hotones XTOMP pedal. The main difference is that it comes out of the box just set up to use as your typical Brit sound. If the digital programming thing leaves you cold you can just ignore it.
A few more players are getting into using 2 amps for stereo so they have designed the pedal to hold 2 different OD's so you can have perhaps a Brit sound thru one and a Fender type sound thru the other.
It is great pedal to try out sounds that you may not normally be interested in . Perhaps you are a blues guy but having a day here and there to mess with a Metal pedal can be fun. It is but a download away and you  can always put back the factory sounds. It certainly gives room to grow with it. Even if you are locked in one genre there are many player in that genre that go for something different then you use so being able try new sounds without buying a new pedal is a big bonus.
The down side for me is I have heard other pedals like this that seem to clone another pedal dead on ...but if compared the difference is in the dynamics.You hit a note or chord with the real deal and it just jumps out of the speaker. The digital box just lies there. In short the analog has punch. This would not be present on a recording ...but it is inspiring to feel that energy!!!

The price is silly cheap for what you get. It was selling for 
$200.00 USD give or take and was cheap at that price. A lot of player I expect will give it a shot at this price of $150.00 USD.

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