Friday, December 29, 2017



Mosky have been around for a few years. They are a Chinese company that make clones.
They were often sold along side Mogoo pedals.
Keep that in mine.
Some are quite good while others are lame. A few were so good (on the outside case as well as in) I think they had a few "cease and desist' problems LOL.
It would explain how some disappeared for months at a time and in one situation returned about a year later.

So any rate they are now offering 3 hand made OD's. The initial prices seem to be in the $125.00 USD  ...but I saw their Brown Sound model on for $50.00 USD on AliExpress.

The TW is a Wampler Triple Wreck 

The Ultimate drive is an OCD
No one will buy if they ask $125.00 hand made or not ...because the original sells for that. LOL

The Brown Distortion is a Wampler Pinnacle

This stuff is so new the paint is wet. So far they have only just seeped into the Chinese market.
There are no video's as yet ...anywhere???

For a long time I have noticed some sort of tie in with Mogoo Pedals....they made handmade copies of these same pedals some they did as replica forgeries. I have a fake Maxon graphic EQ. All the pedals on this page were once offered with different graphics and were Mogoo knock offs.
Thanks to viewer correcting which pedals were cloned by which originals my memory was sparked and I remember that Mogoo could be tied into this new little scam.

Oddly if I am right. Mogoo is in an odd way going straight. 

Pedal circuits can not be patented.
This has been true for decades. The problem is that one can put 3 or 4 electric parts in a row ...the same row of parts opens a garage door. Is the door maker infringing on the guy making a pedal???

You can steal the shape of a Strat... but you can not copy the headstock because the headstock is a Fender trademark. yes folks the laws are tricky.

Sometimes it appears brands are breaking the rules but getting away with it .....there are makes of guitars with the Fender headstock. SURPRISE...Fender owns the company but keeps it's mouth shut    ....Why?
Bob loves the look of a Tele...he hates Fender because of Blah ...Blah ...Blah so he buys an XYZ that looks very Tele like. He's happy ....but Fender did not loose a sale.

How do these guys get away with the blatant stuff!!!
 EASY...the real reason is that the evidence shows up is the small online stores selling this stuff. Some are Moms and Pops stores miles away in the middle 'no where' China. Mogoo wishes they would just go away. It does not need then.

Magoo could survive by just selling to one or two citys.
Seriously. For example have you ever heard of a cities like Chong Quing???
"No' you say."
Population 36,000.000 ...that's the same as the population of Canada.
...with 3 billion people... pedal makers only need a small region to sell to and survive..
and there are lots of NO NAME citys.


  1. Hey Paul.The Brown is a Wamper Pinnacle. The TW is the Triple Wreck. Read the description on Mosky page then read the Wampler description.