Sunday, December 31, 2017

OVERDRIVE-how many OD's does it take to find the perfect one???

The perfect OD will change over time with your tastes and ambitions.
There is always a endless stream of the 'new' ...and once a year or so something.
special comes along ...2 years ago it was the Friedman OD-BE.

I have been posting on this Blog for 2 years. No matter what pedals I put on it if it is an OD that gets the silly numbers of hits. Sooooo.... I try to find as many as I can ...but I do not want to waste your time with OD's that are crap ...or stupidly over priced when there is one that has the same or better sound for less.
I have great hopes for 2018 and beyond. We will see some stuff that better copy's the 'tube experience'.
Both with real tubes, with better digital and with analog circuits that give you more then just a good over all sound.

The best new OD is subjective.
For me it is the....

CUSTOM TONES ETHOS TWS-1 ...Best OD of 2017!!! the POST
This pedal is a serious ground breaker. It does not try to be so by adding crap we do not want or need. It does this by making an OD that not only has a great tube amp tone. It actually has a circuit that follows what happens to a signal going thru the same path that it would in a tube amp. Things that happen by your own physical touch and expression with your pick or hand. Not only things you hear but things you can feel by the response coming back from the speaker.

I am so impressed I sold my Friedman BE-OD!!! to get some money. I ordered it today (Dec.31/17)

Finding the perfect OD is a process of trial and error. I often see a guys board with an OD that is a bit old and or a rather lame knock of a Tube Screamer or Boss DS-1 Distortion. It works for that guy
but will not work for you?

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