Thursday, December 28, 2017

OVERDRIVE- BONDI 'Sick As' it yet another 'me to' Dumble pedal?


Bondi have been hand making their OD's
for a long time. I have heard a few. They are all a variation of the Timmy type of effect.very popular with the Fusion type player all looking for the elusive Dumble like mellow smooth sound.
 I even bought a few. I hated all of them.
They usual had a lot of artifacts and nasty fizz or halo of course harmonics that seem to drop in and out randomly. These would only go away if you pushed up the gain. with the gain up the word bland and colourless comes to mind.
The sick seems to deliver all that the other pedals promised. the distortion is complete smooth and even. It can be very light and airy. If you keep the gain down  nothing but  very rich smooth harmonics float through the highs.

The pedal has lots of gain though. You can push it into a near Marshall like tone. But even then the harmonics never get too nasty. The attack though has a lot more smack to it then the tones that most of it's followers would every dial up. On one video they compare it with the Ltd. ED. Gold.
The Gold is definitely more of a medium gain pedal and seems rough enough to be a different pedal ...with for that matter a different name.

I am not impressed. It still seems half way there. I would rather use something like the
Gristle King on a light setting. It is more of a gentle giant then ballerina in blue jeans.

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