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                  WELCOME ALL!!!                         

Whoa!!! there are a lot of you guys 45,000 plus and every week more...
Some of you know I started this Blog just before Xmas 2015. I had some time on my hands and thought I would run a Blog about affordable pro pedals ...especially young guys at school or with low paying day jobs.
I thought I could let a few guys know they could buy clones from China that were well made some with German, American and Japanese parts. In fact the only thing not a part for part was the box that held it! Every time I finished a post I published it. Half way thru the first day it went viral. So I said to myself. "What the F_ _K ....!!!

So I went thru 200 pedals in a few months. I was running maker puts new product out if the old stuff is selling.
Then I thought ...who doesn't want to see the very, very, best of the very best pedals. to compare against the entry level Pro. Or why not just to dream of having.
The Blog went viral Big Time! Again!

So needless to say my few hours that Xmas has turned into a minimum of 20 plus hours a week.
I too have a day job. A 10 hour a day heavy construction work. I too have a band.
My average sleep is 5 hour a night!
I am slim and trim slightly muscular and I just turned 50. I get compliments on my youthful look
and since I live in the present and am only really interested in what's new ...this completes the picture.
Anyhow people that know or have met me assure me that this is my true look and image.
I agree. lol and is all definitely true.
EXCEPT I am 70!!!! LOL

I saw Hendrix live twice. I saw Cream and Eric let me play his single PU explorer for about a half hour.
I saw King Crimson blow Queen off the stage!!!! No sh_ _t!!! I bought a Plexi in mint shape for $350.00 for the half stack ....after all it was just a commonplace used amp. LOL. I once owned and then sold a 50's gold top LP a 50's black beauty with gold hardware LP Custom with PAF's, an original Flying V...a non reverse Explorer...a 63 Strat, a first year SG in cherry ,and a red 59 ... ES 335. Usually I owned 2 guitars at a time
My first Fuzz was in 67 a Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone. The very first Fuzz on the market. I may have been the first guy to mod a pedal. The output was hardwired to the phone plug.... I had it removed and a phone jack put in by a TV repair man. Music store did not do mods. I think all the companies after that saw my mod and copied me. LOL
 My second dirt box was from a new company Electro-Harmonix I bought a thing called a Big Muff. lol Now called the Ram's Head

So...where do you all come from ....All 45,000 of you!

READ ABOUT YOURSELF...this is just a sprinkle of the very cool Sh@t being made right there
in your own country

1. USA
Most are from good ol' USA   glad to see you guys!

If you have not checked out the Lawrence Petross design LPD SIXTY 8 Plexi
you should be spanked!!!
One of America's best designers. Period. This pedal is so good to tell you will sound like the biggest load of hyped up BS that you could not in your right mind believe me. But if you do not check it will at best buy something 2nd best!!!

2. RUSSIA...why not...only second to the USA ...Rock musicians are Rock musicians no matter where!
You do not have a lot of pedal makers BUT...those you have are making super quality stuff.
Petr Mogilevsky of Analog Fox built me his Green only cost me $85.00 and a 10 day wait and I had it. It blew away my $400.00 Fuzz. It even looks Cool!!!
I am now plagued with wanting an AMT Japanese Girl Wah
..stop making all these great pedals
even with their great prices I have no room on my board!!!!

Petr makes great stuff and he is the nicest guy you could ever meet!!!
look up the word integrity in the Oxford dictionary
where the meaning of the word should be I found this picture!  :-) 

In third is the home of Aleks K Production...home of the absolute best high gain on the planet!!! Shred king of the world!!!
Aleks K Production's Red Scorpion is twice as fat as the prized Friedman BE-OD....if you think I exaggerate put it beside the Friedman for yourself. It is even fatter then the KHDK Dark Blood Distortion ...and it is a serious Metal pedal!!!
The Empress Echo Systems Digital Delay not only houses 2 delays in it's compact box but the components are all cutting edge spec. NO ONE makes a better delay. No one has specs even close
Not even it's 2 American heavy hitter competitors.
It has been out for just awhile and we know find that Strymon have lowered their prices. LOL

Then France, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, Brazil and Portugal.
and amazing pedals from them all!

Some of Japan's pedals are so good they have been played reproduced and even cloned by others.
No one has a history of endless excellence but it does not come closer then Japans pedal builders.

Anasounds Freq Up is the best of their quality pedals. A very pure and simple boost. All controls on their pedals are intuitive. Getting great sounds out of them does not even need a manual to figure it out.
Many of the pedals have an array of trimmers inside to fine tune the pedal to match with the amp you use. You set once and never have to deal with them at every gig. You just use a few knobs to dial in certain sounds you need for a particular tune. With the Freq Up in seconds you can give great clarity to the highs or boost the mids to make even the lamest OD sound huge ...really huge!!!

6. UK
A handful of the very best FUZZ boxes were made here in the 60's that changed the future of the dirt pedal. It was the starting point for a quest for the best Dirt box ever made that could be released this very minute somewhere on this planet.

I could write a book on all the great stuff they make. The Bluguitar Amp 1 alone is a stellar achievement. A 2 lb. 'TUBE" amp with 100watts of power. You have to play it to believe it is the real deal!!!

The Manlay sound is Mick Ronson sounding Marshall OD. It has 2 preamps in it. One for treble and one for bass. This allows for some deliberate cross modulation. Normally a negative thing ...this is deliberate. You get some scary mids with it! A unique and amazing pedal
Now I will remind you of Ananashead....if you are wonder why this is not one of the leading companies in the world for classic pedals ...then so am I. BUT the new SUSTAINER CIVIL WAR MODIFIED SOVTEK FUZZ could soon change all that. You can get the amazing Sovtek Big Muff
sound or modify that sound into a Fuzz that has the sound of tomorrow written all over it.!!

Brazil they make pedals? LOL
At last count they had 96 companies. Hard to believe???
One of the most outstanding is the mind blowing Fire Custom Shop Carpe Diem a huge sounding
sumptuous Plexi pedal. I have one and it is a total killer.

Nexi Effects 'Dutch Screamer' effects are among the most unique in the world as they make a pedal board that you can set up their pedals in seconds at every gig with zero hassles or any problems...
add to that they make an array of great sounding classics.

The Dr. No effects have no rivals. The pedals not only sound great they are built to the highest standards.
They have won industry awards against every kind of thing you can think of from tea kettles to pop cans for the BEST Graphic Designs.

 ROAD     RUNNER           


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