Sunday, September 24, 2017

DELAY-NU-X ...Tape Core Deluxe...a big league delay for an entry level price!!!


$100.00 USD

I have owned a few NU-X digital pedals and without a doubt the sound quality is in the T.C. Electronics league. In short this Chinese company makes a totally pro product.
My only beef has been they sometimes miss features that are critical to modern use of the pedal a tap function on their delays

This time they really out did themselves. 

Their digital interpretation of the old Roland Space Echo 201 is bang on.
Yes ...they do have the tap function. What is really cool is that you can insert an expression pedal into the box and you can do twists and turns with the delay speeds. It is effective enough to turn heads!!!

A convenient thing about tape delay is that real tape has a limited dynamic range and limited head room. You do not need a cutting edge chip to reproduce it accurately.  Even a 3rd generation chip could pull off a stellar job. That is not to say they do not use quality parts.
Keep in mind the much heralded Strymon delay was built on cutting edge parts but know those parts have now been superseded by one or 2 generations.
Two generations is like the difference between the very recent new iPhone and the very first iPhone!

Recently Strymon lowered their price because the Empress Echo System uses cutting edge parts and is blowing them out of the water sonically and eating away at their sales.
For now the Strymon BRAND still 'the' BRAND to get so this is either a good move to shore up public relations or it is a state of panic. lol

In short the NU-X Tape Core Deluxe pedal easily competes with the BIG GUYS.
for fit, finish and sonic quality A Tape sound is always full and richer sounding then the straight digital sound of a pedal at the same price. 
In short a hundred dollar tape pedal could sound totally high end pro... but a straight digital pedal at that price WILL NOT!!!

I have a state of the art EMPRESS EchoSystems dual Engine Delay. If I were on a budget I would pounce on this product. You get to run in the big leagues for under $100.00 USD.
well made ...totally big pro sound!!!

As usual the stores on AliExpress offer free shipping and that means mailing it. In most countries the mail service is not set up to collect duties and taxes on small packages as 99% of them contain products of such low value it would cost more in time and labour to do so then the product is worth.
It would also grind the mail service to a halt. This would enrage both Big Business and the public as well. In short the government just bites the bullet!!!

You may wait weeks to get product from China but the savings can be substantial.
Your pedal in this case would be $100.00 USD right to your door.

As for getting yourself  a great delay for limited funds.
It is a no brainer!

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