Saturday, September 16, 2017

REVERB PHRASE LOOPER- SHIFT LINE Freeze....eternal and micro sampling! easy to use! reasonable price

  SHIFT LINE FREEZE Micro Sampling with Reverb  

There are a lot of interesting Reverb pedals that feature ethereal sounds.

$179.00 USD free shipping incl. from Shift-Line

They are hard not to like but on application are very limited. The Neunaber Immerse does a great job of this but it also gives a nice selection of reverbs that fit into the average Pop/rock song structure.

Shift Line are a Russian company that also make other reverbs ...the focus is on the unusual. They started life doing preamps which personally I found were both pedestrian and drab.

I said 'unusual' and this is definitely different.
It works like this can hit a power chord or a  few notes ...perhaps maybe an arpeggiated chord and it will play that short phrase to infinity along with a dramatic wash of reverb.
It will then accompany you as you play over it.
Instant accompaniment.
You can 'tap' in a cord change then carry on. Yes is a kind of phrase loop pedal.
The difference is the spacey reverb and the ease of use.

The simplicity and the price make it attractive.

It could be effective to use in a band with 2 players especially if the band does not use a keyboard player for pads or to give a lush background against another player knocking out power chords over it. This combination would really increase the dramatic effect.

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