Saturday, September 16, 2017

WHO MADE YOUR 'BRAND NAME' GUITAR??? maybe not who you think???


I have mentioned all this myself but it is in many different Posts.
Kudos to Philip McKnight for putting this all together in this one video.

I will mention as a rule that Korean WMI made guitars are as close as you get for best value for your buck!! I have an AIRLINE Harmony H88 Stratotone Doublet that the fit and finish is stellar. The neck is as true as a plate of glass. I put a Duncan PAF in it and the damn thing sounds like my Les Paul...the only difference is the WMI has MORE SUSTAIN!!! It is my favorite guitar!

The other bargain are the MIM Fenders... the only thing to change on them is the PU's which half of you do to any guitar.
The bridge is a cheapie too....which will give you a teeny bit less tone and sustain. But considering how little most better bridges change the sound it is a luxury.
Fender upgraded the quality of MIM guitars big time because they make so much more profit from them. I know this sounds counter intuitive ....BUT ....the rumour is that they will keep pricing the MIA guitars so expensive that one day they will only make the Fender Custom Shop guitars in America ...complaining all other MIA are discontinued because they are too expensive to make which they can not help. BOO HOO! They will tell you that you guys are not buying them so all but the Custom shop are history. They will tell us MIM are terrific so cheer up.
After that ....most of you will buy MIM guitars. Yes they will be well made. But they will soon creep up in price because it is the best you can afford.


MIM guitars use grade A wood ...high tech CMC computerized machines and one guy out of 3 guys that work on the guitars ....ARE PLAYER THEMSELVES!!! That is at least 3 times more then any brand in any country.
When a player grabs a guitar they notice all the little things that when the guitar is finished the customer has to live with...and it is a big drag because they are often easy and quick fixes or adjustments
I pulled a Duo sonic off the wall that had an action as good as my Strat Custom Shop...I paid $150.00 USD to get the Strat  that good. Why?  Because players give a Sh@t  ...that's why!

The hardware is Korean. The pickups are equivalent to American made in the build quality it is just that they use cheaper ceramic magnets...the American Fenders use alnico. The saving is less then $15.00 a PU. A good Strat vintage alnico PU is about $20.00 USD. retail.

I recently tried the new MIM Mustangs and Duo Sonics... the quality of build is a hairs breadth away from any Fender Custom Shop guitar.
NO SH@T!!!!
I ordered one... they blew my mind!!!


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