Friday, September 22, 2017


$170.00 USD

Mad Professional from Finland has been around for years  making dirt boxes and an array of other boxes,
They have 12 on offer right now.
I have heard them all. Some of their more creative ones to my mind achieved their goal but they sounded artificial. In short ...not very tube like.
I have found that usually someone else usually does it better and some are cheaper.
They make handmade pieces, but the more popular ones are offered as cheaper manufactured ones.
This one however caught my attention. The Stone Grey has been around since 2011. It is high gain OD but it keeps an astonishingly clear and defined voice no matter how hard you hit it.
The attack is never muddied or rounded but comes down like an axe,

New they are $170.00 USD but there are usually a few used ones on-line.

You give up a little warmth but you get a sound with clarity and better still balz!

Not my first choice.
It reminds me of a Pal 800 but with a lot of grit. The Pal 800 is not only tube like it sounds identical to a Marshall JC 800 amp!!!

The Stone Grey is a very excellent sounding pedal regardless.

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