Thursday, January 4, 2018

OVERDRIVE- IBANEZ NTS Tube Screamer ...TOTALY NEW with a NuTube???

$260.00 USD

Yes ...NEW!!!
Korg who owns Vox designed a substitute for the standard tubes that players love.
The NuTube.
It showed up last year in the Vox MV50 head.
Korg have decided to licence it. The first to jump on it is Ibanez.
So what more obvious then to make another Tube Screamer.

So this is in essence a Tube Screamer with a tube.

The Namm Show is in just a couple of weeks where I expect the 'unveiling' and I am sure some serious videos will follow.

First impression?
Damned if it doesn't sound like Tubes!!!!

No doubt about it ...Korg's NuTube might change the whole OD market. I am really curious about what other makers with some serious medium  gain and high gain pedals could do with it.

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