Monday, October 9, 2017

OVERDRIVE- FREE THE TONE Quad Arrow ....holy sh_t !!!


$338.00 USD

Conclusion ...Astounding !!!!

Free The tone are a Japanese company that was established in 2002.
In short  ...they quite simply are aiming for state of the art.
Their product can not be technically  faulted.
Of course like any product it may often not meet an emotional response with many of us. Some of us will certainly not
want this Rolls Royce because only a Ferrari has the magic they crave.

What is not to like?
The unit is so flexible that you can get
any kind of classic Marshall out of it.
But it seems most like what passes as a gourmet JTM45.
If there is any criticism I can find is it has no rough edges.

It is Harmonically rich fact sumptuous.
It is even quiet.The best signal to noise of any high gain pedal.
It is easy to get nice mids out of it.
The highs are clean and clear without a trace of harshness
I quite simply have never heard better lows! Ever!!!
It has an amazing dynamic range due to it's very high headroom.
It is dead easy to use.

It is definitely not cheap!!!
But impossible not to like!!
It can be ordered direct.
But if you have the money or not you love it???
The Friedman BE-OD is $200.00 USD is not as fat and has very little headroom
but is treat to play.
The Quad Arrow is a stellar pedal but lacks soul so I will give it a pass.
If you feel different the go for it.
there are no hidden defaults to haunt you and with it's awesome flexibility no situation on any tune it can not handle with totally pro results.
I do not think the best studio engineer with the best hardware could improve on it once recorded.

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