Friday, May 19, 2017

OVERDRIVE- Lawrence Petross Design LPD SIXTY 8 DRIVE ...perhaps the very best OD every made????

Lawrence Petross Design


Deja Vue?
No you are not imagining that you read this before.
I just felt that I had not done justice to this pedal. Secondly and maybe more important there was not a video that did it justice.
The pedal is a 68 Plexi. A rather accurate rendition as well. But what is so different is every touch of your pick can change the tone the dynamism and the way the harmonics present themselves. In short it sounds like a very,very high end real tube amp.
What every one who has one soon finds is that there is something unexplained...much like the original Klon pedal that has a spell binding tone to it.

$250.00 USD either size

Yes I know this sounds like bull ...or hype.. but damn it. This thing is magic!!! It really is that

The Miracle Worker

I have a Vox AC30 style pedal with the gain on 10 o'clock and stacked onto the sounds more like a Vox then the pedal on it's own.When I find the time I will list several other little miracles it has performed on other combinations. Perhaps you have a fav Chinese cheapo that though hardly gourmet you love.
I need not tell you how you can buy this pedal and end up with in effect 2 gourmet pedals for the price of one!!!!

So you get a great low to medium gain pedal. You get a build quality second to none. Every part is the best of the best!
Then add to can stack anything into it and it and the sum is far greater then the whole.    
In fact you can get some amazing sounds and no matter how hard you listen you can not find the part that the SIXTY 8 is playing in the sound. But you then turn it off...and the pedal you pushed into it sounds like a big 'nothing.'
 I have created mind blowing sounds cascading up to 3 other pedals into it. The results are startling...But the second I turn it off...the other 3 pedals sound as I would expect ...they sound like like a muddy mess.
Why this happens is beyond me!

I rely more on this pedal then my amp to get
to get 'My Sound'.

I use this OD more then any of my OD's. If not stacked then on it's own. Lets remember we spend the biggest part of our playing backing vocals. For that alone this pedal is a killer.


NO! all guitarist I like a great high gain "look at me!!!!" pedal.

I tell you what it is though


But if you don't own one will not 'GET IT'...AND IF YOU DON'T GET IT YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.



This is why in the end I have to admit...I have never heard a better OD in my life.
If there is a slow building underground swell of it's sales....remember you seen it here first

And I am seious about this Klon thing. do not kick yourself when one day they hit Reverb going used for some seriously stupid money.

Get one now while you still can!!!

Don't be the guy who walked into his local music store in 1959....he went right pass a Les Paul Std. in cherry sunburst with a beautiful tiger striped flamed maple top and paid out the same money for a different guitar !!!!   <<<<  This actually happened!!!

              LPD SIXTY 8 Deluxe                                                                                       


$280.00 USD

Ok folks Lawrence is only one guy and the orders are getting silly.
Guys are tossing their other high end OD's because once they have the 68
the old ones soon never get used. 
So 2 things. The most popular is the bigger one. Secondly letters keep pouring in owners want a Deluxe version with the boost on a foot switch and a lot more bells and whistles.
So the Mini will be discontinued and a Deluxe is on the way.
Soooooo if you want a Mini you better get your act together!
I expect a last LTD. ED. run in the near future but Then that's it!

This vid gives you a good idea. but playing this pedal takes the sound to a whole new level!!!


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    2. I ownwed and sold an Exotic BB mb...the Xotic is based off of a Fender Bassman and the LPD is a PLEXI
      The LPD is all about fat mids the Xotic has scooped mids. The LPD is very warm sounding I found the Xotic very harsh. I am not knocking Xotic I love their compressor.
      One can often subsitute one OD and make it do a half decent job . BUT....
      I have 14 of the best OD one can buy one gets an ear for detail when you have these.
      Epiphone make a fairly decent sounding Les Paul... but try playing it against a Gibson in the same room.
      It is the same with pedals.
      I think if you had both the LPD and the Xotic you would find they are both very different and both are worth having to be used on different tunes.

  2. Paul, Which gain side are you using the most? Lo or Hi?