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There are 3 classic Overdrive pedals. The first is the Ibanez  TUBE SCREAMER with its light overdrive and mid range boost. The Boss BLUES DRIVE with a bit more aggression and a mid scoop and the KLON with a light overdrive and a flatter EQ.

In the last few years the Analog Man KING OF TONE has entered the picture. Its basic overdrive core has not changed  since it's introduction in Nov. 2003.. It has sold in a very steady manner increasing in an even gradual but healthy manner every month.
The company makes everything by hand using obsolete hard to find parts. The waiting time is now___one and a half years___and can only take longer.

 Current Price $265.00 USD
 without options.


On-line used ones are already hitting $700.00 USD.

The current model is said to be the last. In the beginning it was in the companies mind the "perfect Overdrive' but endless requests asked for more bells and whistles to make it the best solo distortion. There were many attempts to improve it and 4 versions to follow.

Adding an overdrive with just a gain knob did not 'DO IT'

Still No!

How about more? Is more of everything better?  NO!!!
BUT!  Nothing was 'doing it'. Fortunately the  original circuit and knobs for the overdrive function were always left in tact. The great overdrive sound was never lost or polluted. Finally the perfect solution was found. Put 2 KOT's in one box. If you need more...just  stack one thru the other. It works wonderfully.
  This is Ver. 4...Analog Man says there will never be a Ver. 5. Smart!!! If it's not broke do not fix it. Why follow the history of other companies...and blow your own foot off???  LOL
There are several custom options available. The only one recommended is to have more gain in the second treat it as the Boost channel. A good idea since no one runs the first unit lower then having each the same only means turning the boost side down if you wish to match the gain on both units.


The basic sound is very warm and very thick. The level of distortion is just below amplifier breakup.
The EQ is very flat. It sounds good thru any amp because it is neither scooped like a Blues Drive or has the mid range boost of a Tube Screamer. My first impression was that it had a huge massive sound...but magically it did not sound muddy. I instantly wanted one because it was as big as the biggest Fuzz box...but had zero fact it does not even have an annoying fizz
I think the really big deal only happens when you play one. It must have a ridiculous amount of head room because the transient response is mind blowing.
In plain English that means when you hit a chord or a string the sound returns to your ears instanously. With 99% of the dirt pedals out there there is a delay which kills off the attack of the notes before your amp shoots them back to you. With the King you feel a physical connection to every note you play.
Now that is an amazing connection to have while you are playing!!! Totally addictive.


YES....that's right an off shore half-a-KING. Hand made for Analog Man in China

It is basically the Overdrive half of a KOT ( or if you is circuit accurate clone of the very first KOT)
It has a switch to go from overdrive to boost then distortion. The sound is a little thinner or tighter if you wish to be kind about it.
I bought one.... BUT ...sold it ...I was not impressed.


There are a lot of KOT wannabees... But the best of the lot is the T-REX MOLLER. Check out the Post.

My fav is The VS AUDIO
Staight Flush


A guy that owned and used a KOT for 14 years retired it for the HVO.
The HVO is an entirely different pedal.

BUT if someone said it is the best OD on the planet I would at least check it out.
I did. It is. I bought one. :-)

I had the chance to compare it with 'the' classic amp
aMarshall super lead 100 Plexi. The pedal nailed on every level.
Even the dynamic range ...
...and most important the 'feel' was the same.
It blew my mind.

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