Friday, July 20, 2018

OVERDRIVE- SOLID GOLD Zeta MKII Overdrive ...the amp that doesn't exist ???


The object of this pedal was to make a good sounding  OD
with amp like qualities. NEW? Well it was many years ago when they made the first version. It was NEVER meant to do more.
More? It was never meant to copy the sound of an actual amp brand or model.
Solid Gold now even promote this as pedal of a 'new' amp that  doesn't exist yet. LOL

At the time it was first made some makers boasting they were offering you a Marshall or Fender or whatever sound often at the expense of making a pedal that lacked any of a real amps natural response to your playing.
Now many makers can do both.

It has a  simple volume gain and tone setup ...with a switch to scoop or boost the mids.
So how does the the newest version stack up???

...and yes it offers you two colours. The green and orange is nice.   :-)

"This pedal is as exciting as me!"

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