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Are these the very best of all? Yes and NO! I have 21 OD that I actually use and a few others I am debating about selling. I would not recommend these pedals to the average guy usually looking for the stereotype big name super popular pedal. The Friedman BBE is a case in point. I find it highly overrated. 
I bought one on the 3rd day it came out. It has it's strengths but the sound is thin. You will eventually see hundreds used when it ceases to be 'the' hot pedal. lol
So the following pedals each have a Post with full reviews and video's.


So what's the big deal. Two knobs and a switch? The cool look???
Well I do love the look.
It is made in France by Celmo they have this and a compressor and have not done anything more for years. There are only 2 sites to buy it. One in Brit and one in France but it is in French only.

It has a very coarse stock Plexi sound. The resonance is in the lower mids. It has very little sustain. It is a set it and forget it crunch pedal. You will not likely find more then one great sound out of it. A chunky nasty but nice sound for cords and riffs.

It sounds like crap if you boost it with a booster or use a compressor.
Actually it sounds like an original early Plexi that has had the crap kicked out of it over the decades probably with many repairs that were done with what was on hand but not the correct or original parts.
It is married to a PAF ....until death do they part!
I only use it with my 59 reissue Gibson LP Special with a Duncan Pearly Gates PAF.
and my PRS SE245 a 2017 with the new hummie PRS himself designed for it.

But it is very touch sensitive. Every note or chord sounds like the pedal is gasping for air.
 ...AND finally simply has more soul then Mother Teresa!!!

 I believe there is a likeness of it  in the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  :-)



With the life of a 'hot new OD' being about 15 minutes .
...this pedal has been lovingly hand made from 15 years.
It creates magic with a single coil.
The most recent upgraded V.3 can now shake hands with a hummie.
It has more bells and whistles then 10 OD's. But they all actually do something. The idea is to dial in your own sound or perhaps to actually dial in ...'it's' sound to accommodate your guitar, amp and playing style perfection. It can be as full or as assertive as you want. It sounds astounding from a low medium gain to just short of a high gain. The sustain is long but not overkill. It is more lush and richer then any OD I have heard.
One dead cool thing is it's transient response. when you set it up for a really great medium gain sound every note chimes out with incredible clarity and definition you can practically hear the click of your pick on the note. If you play complex or subtle stuff NOTHING gets lost or buried from a muddy attack. This is unbelievable rare for any OD even those that sound otherwise amazing cannot do this.

It is handmade by MR T. J. himself. Those that are lucky only have a 3 month wait. If the orders pile up too high he blocks your credit card going through when you order. LOL
You can get in many colours. But you do not get to choose which. He makes quite a few different pedals ...and they are mostly OD's too. When he paints ...all the pedals get the 'color of the day' no matter what you ordered. LOL
The red one is nice.   :-)

It definitely has a sound all it's own. It is Marshall like but which one? lol
It simply has a sound that can not be defined. Perhaps a trace of the ethereal waving thru the sound.
It is like a Strat, Tele or Les Paul simply has magic !!!

Some of my OD's when I got them needed tweaking endlessly and/or finding what guitars they sound good with or I even just stored them for months until I wrote a tune to fit their strengths.  Some even ended up on Reverb in just a few days.

These 2 pedals spun their magic a second after plugging them into my rig!

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