Sunday, June 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- DIAMOND Cornerstone OD ....lots of headroom or bring in a second gain and rip off some heads!

$195.00 USD

The big deal here is having two gains one pre and one post to act
like a master volume on a real amp.To my ears it is a take on
the Marshall Super Bass ...a 200 watt amp. It clearly has a lot of headroom if you want it. It is big and very open sounding without
the compression and saturation of an average Brit pedal.

I can not deny it sounds good but as a Plexi addict I miss that saturation. If you play things that are intricate or very busy like strumming chords this could be a godsend. You can always crank the amp gain if you need a bit of both.

Just not my thing at all. :-)

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