Saturday, June 30, 2018



$179.00 USD
Designed by Split Enz drummer Paul Crowther in 1976 Paul created the Hotcake. He established in New Zealand  Crowther Audio in the mid 80's.

I can not find much of the history for the past few years but it appears the pedals are made in Japan now. They include only the Hot cake and a later deluxe version the Double Hotcake and another OD Prunes & Custer. It appears to no longer be an active company developing and making new product. It is oldies but goodies company. Reproducer of the 'Best Off.'
There are dealers worldwide but they can be bought online from the Japanese headquarters.

Bottom line this pedal is a classic.
Not a copy of any other pedal or is it trying to imitate an amp. It has a balzy rough voice with a punchy growling low end. Both notes and chords articulate
incredibly well and your guitar and amps voice is left in tact.

Many of you will wonder what the Prunes & Custard sounds like.
A nasty Fuzz like sound! There are many better pedals that do a nasty sound that are much more musical ...fatter ...fuller ...and with much, much better sustain.

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