Friday, April 20, 2018

OVERDRIVE-KEELEY El Rey Dorado ....Keeley does a Plexi


I showed you a bare box prototype of this on Dec 1/17. The unit is soon to be available. You can get a hand made one a bit early for $169.00USD. The standard model will be $149.00 USD
At the moment they are taking pre-orders.

Keeley has captured the generic Brit sound quite well but there a hundred others to choose from that do that as well. The thing I find missing from the Keeley is the Plexi fat lower mids. It also has no serious balz.
Compare it to the PedalPalFX PAL 959 PLEXI Emulator.
Now the 959 IS a Plexi!!!
It is what it is a very nice medium very smooth but a bit light OD.

One thing I do find promising is that Keeley has been keeping it's prices lower then it's other American 'Big Boys'.
This is a real disappointment because their last OD a  Metal pedal was so good
I was expecting some serious punch from this pedal ...a total in your face pedal.
I thought this would be one.  But no!! Bummer!

So in conclusion I would give this one a miss. 

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